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Two brunette lesbian stepsister sleep in same bed and masturbate their pussies


Their mother decide that they have to sleep in the same bed. So the brunette can not sleep because her lesbian stepsister is masturbating her nice small pussy while watching porn. She becomes horny and starts to masturbate her pussy also, maybe she will reach orgasm too.

But everything is better when done together so the two brunette lesbians start to masturbate together their young pussies. So the brunette who starting masturbating first licks her stepsister pussy in doggy because this feels the best for orgasm. She likes it so much that she moans and screams from pleasure.

Now it is time to switch places and the other brunette should get the same treatment. She also need and orgasm from pussy licking, so her stepsister licks her pussy also in doggy. When she reaches orgasm the both brunette lesbians start to scissor their nice shaved pussies together reaching another intense orgasm.

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Date: December 16, 2019

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